# Generated Schema

Once you've got a basic Query and Mutation setup, a schema will be generated for you. To understand what resolvers will be generated for any given type, read on.


The examples on this page use Uuid as the primary key type. Your schema will reflect the type you specify for your primary keys.

# Query

Given the example type (Diesel model) Hero, the following query resolvers will be generated:

A singular resolver:

hero(id: Uuid!): Hero!

A bulk resolver (easily interoperable with Apollo pagination (opens new window)):

heros(ids: [Uuid!], limit: Int, offset: Int): [Hero!]!


By default, bulk resolvers are required to specify a set of ids (primary keys) they wish to load. If you'd like to disable this behavior for a particular type, see the all option.

# Mutation

Given the example type (Diesel model) Hero, the following mutation resolvers will be generated:


createHero(input: NewHero!): Hero!


updateHero(input: HeroUpdate!): Hero!


deleteHero(id: Uuid!): Hero!

Additionally, the following types will be generated:

input NewHero {

The New type will have fields who's optionality match that specified in the Diesel model.

input HeroUpdate {

All fields of the Update type are optional (excluding the primary key).