# Botanist

An experimental Diesel (opens new window) backed GraphQL ORM layer for Juniper (opens new window). In other words, Botanist can generate a fully featured GraphQL schema from your existing database models without much manual work.

Botanist will generate a fully featured GraphQL schema from your existing Diesel models and a few bits of additional information you provided. Botanist enables the fast development of rich data models without the need to spend time writing explicit resolvers manually. Of course, writing additional resolvers manually is still supported should you require any more significant application logic.

# Features

  • Schema generation from Diesel models
  • Bulk load/single load query generation
  • Simple HasOne / HasMany abstractions
  • HasMany Pagination
  • Supports runtime query modification per model (Useful for authorization)
  • Create/Update/Delete mutation generation
  • Batch model 'preloading' via Juniper LookAheadSelection's


Botanist is an experimental project and shouldn't be used for anything serious. It might make poorly optimized queries, plainly incorrect queries, return data it shouldn't or worse. In general, it works fairly well but consider yourself warned.